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The digital workspace

Dutch entrepreneurs are known worldwide as a good start, but when it comes to growth we remain behind compared with other European countries. Google wants to entrepreneurs who want to grow support by offering free knowledge. They do this in cooperation with Qredits Microfinance.

The digital workplace took place at the 15th of March in Groningen (The Netherlands).

I took part in the following workshops:

  1. How do you increase your brand awareness
    As an entrepreneur, you are busy with business. This will sometimes forget the most important: how do you distinguish itself from the competition? And how do you ensure that you are top of mind and stays with (potential) customers. We started with practical goals. Afterwards you have determined a basic strategy for your company.
  2. How to increase the online visibility of your company
    You have a company. And a website. A great business card to your customers. It might even have been a big financial investment. But what now? During this dynamic workshop, we take the first steps in the field of online visibility. And give answers to questions such as: where are my potential customers online? How people look for my products / services? How can I achieve this and how do I do this in the smartest way? In addition, we provide you with all the tools to make a concrete plan where you straight away to get started.
  3. Measuring is knowing!
    A website can work for you, it can bring the customer to you. But how do you do that? And how do you know what could be better? So that your visitors will actually buy or read something? This workshop shows ways in which you can measure your results online. You create a roadmap; what data are essential to analyze? And how to further professionalize your company with this information? This workshop is suitable for anyone with a website but without a measure is weten’- strategy.