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Master data management management

Friday 28 September, 2018

Master Data Management (MDM) is a method of helping organizations in linking all critical and important data to a master file. MDM is the process of the collection of best data management practices. 

The course started with the overview of enterprise data and master data. An introduction of master data management, its benefits and challenges, are included in the course. A brief discussion about the classification and different types of information is also included. Plus the maturity and component model of MDM is explained at each level. Also, the myths and reality of MDM is discussed. 

What I have learned

  • Have an overview of enterprise and master data.
  • Be introduced to master data management.
  • Be aware of the different classification and types of information.
  • Understand the maturity model, the building blocks and the component layer model of MDM.
  • Know the myths and reality about MDM.