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Congress all about data

Thursday 31 January, 2019

Exchange of information between different healthcare providers and between healthcare provider and patient, the introduction of PBLs, the provision of data for quality registers, the use of data for process optimization and research and the focusing of treatments on individual patients based on clinical data sets different requirements the recorded data. It must be able to travel in time, cross care boundaries and therefore needs travel documents such as care standards and exchange protocols. Taking along and using data during the patient’s journey often also means that healthcare organizations and healthcare providers have to get started. Their data management must be organized and must be FAIR and the data producers, often the caregivers, must be made aware of data.

“A Patient journey is a data journey” is the theme for the 4th congress All about Data to be held on 31 January 2019 at the UMCG. During the congress, appealing key notes from Big data evangelist Jack Esselink, Fernando Mazeris owner of the Dairy Data warehouse, and e-Patient Dave will reflect on the journey the data makes with the patient.